DIY Skiff Plans

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Full DIY Skiff Plans all measurements and steps needed to build your very own shallow water plywood skiff. The 16 page document will be sent to you in electronic form via your Email Address. Plans do not include hatches as seen in 'Fishing with Timmy Turtles' videos. Plans will show two pieces for the decking, any extra hatches or custom designs are entirely up to the builder. Steps refer to video part and time as a visual reference. Some steps will be slightly different but same method and skills shown can be transferred to finish the boat without hatches. If you want hatches follow the steps in the videos.

Disclaimer: Timmy Turtle Fishing takes no responsibility or liability for undertaking the Skiff boat build from the following instructions and construction drawings. All risks involved are to be assessed and undertaken by a certified professional. Horse power chosen should be advised by a professional and at what experience the operator skill level is currently at. Build at own risk.